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What Is Super Mobility Week?

With partners from around the world representing sectors that include the connected home, health and banking, Super Mobility Week will be the epicenter of the expanding wireless ecosystem and the connected world September 9, 10 & 11, 2014 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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    I've been attending CTIA for close to 15 years and clearly the event is at a crossroads of remaining relevant. I for one am rooting for it to recapture the image it once had but it is hard for many people in our industry to understand the focus of the event today, or consider it a must attend mobile event. There is wide array of content that does not really appear to interconnect (same for the expo hall zones) and much more of a focus on accessories / retail than ever before. How does this relay or fulfill the CTIA charter message as the event moves ahead?

    Are you aiming to reposition the event with a consumer and IoT focused platform while continuing to wrap in the Telecoms & mobile infrastructure ecosystem.

    If so, why will that succeed in the face of competition like CES & MWC?


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      We’ve taken the best of CTIA and MobileCON, partnered with other verticals who are benefiting from the disruption caused by the mobile industry via our Signature Events and created Super Mobility Week. Our exhibit floor is full of so many companies that we’ve divided it into six segments: retail and mobile CE, networking and infrastructure, mobile CE, connected life, emerging technology and innovations and enterprise and business IT. We’ve shaken up educational sessions, or as we call them, CTIA MobileTalks, by offering a variety of settings from one-on-one sessions to group sessions so attendees can receive actionable advice and counsel.

      Plus, our show is at the perfect time for companies to announce their products and services for the holiday buying season.

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