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Support the Internet Tax Freedom Act to Keep Internet Affordable

As part of the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) Coalition, 29 bipartisan groups sent a letter to members of Congress asking them to support the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (H.R. 3086) and the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act (S. 1431). Those proposals are aimed at making permanent a moratorium on Internet access taxes, which is currently set to expire November 1st of this year.  The online tax moratorium was established 15 years ago and has been temporarily extended several times since then. The legislation now being considered would prevent Internet access from ever being taxed, and would help keep the Internet affordable and continue to shut out multiple and discriminatory taxes.

With the Internet accounting for almost five percent of all U.S. economic activity, it’s important to keep access tax-free. Such taxes would threaten Internet access for who can least afford it, curbing their ability to access educational and advancement resources or participate in the digital economy. In addition to increasing costs to consumers, failure to enact this legislation in time will stifle innovation and investment in the U.S.  The signatories of today’s letter to Congress represent an incredibly diverse group of interests, and their collective action shows how critical it is to keep such an invaluable tool affordable for all Americans.

Join these 29 groups by asking your federally elected officials to keep the Internet affordable by passing H.R. 3086 and S. 1431 now.

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