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CTIA on the FCC’s Adoption of a Third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on E-911 Location Accuracy

Following the FCC's adoption of a third Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on e-911 location accuracy, I said:

“CTIA and our member companies share the FCC’s goal of continuing to enhance wireless 9-1-1 service, and that is why they continue to devote significant resources to identify and evaluate technologies that enhance 9-1-1 location accuracy indoors.

“While CTIA will carefully evaluate the FCC’s proposal, we strongly encourage the FCC to consider location accuracy requirements that are grounded in verified data, not aspirational target‑setting. The FCC appropriately tasked the Communications, Security, Reliability & Interoperability Council (CSRIC) with establishing a Location Accuracy Test Bed to provide objective and verifiable data on location technologies’ performance. This process is particularly important since the most recent CSRIC III Test Bed Report concluded that additional development and evaluation of available 9‑1‑1 indoor location accuracy technologies is necessary. In moving forward, any future rules must hinge on the test bed’s independently verified data as a basis to determine whether location accuracy technologies will meet standards and deadlines under consideration, and should also take into account both deployability and PSAPs’ capabilities.

“CTIA and its member companies stand ready to work with the FCC, public safety and other stakeholders to advance indoor location information provided to PSAPs through achievable standards that reflect proven, deployable solutions.”

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