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CTIA Statement on the FCC’s Net Neutrality Announcement

Following the FCC's announcement on net neutrality, I said:

“As we have said many times, CTIA’s members share a longstanding commitment to an open Internet and a vibrant wireless ecosystem because that’s what wireless customers demand, not because of regulation. The United States wireless industry leads the world in mobile broadband specifically because investment and innovation are driven by the needs of customers and a robustly competitive market. While CTIA will engage constructively with the Commission, we urge policymakers to continue to recognize the unique technical and operational challenges facing mobile broadband providers and to exercise caution before imposing additional regulatory burdens on the world’s most innovative mobile wireless industry. As the U.S. ecosystem has shown, it is important for policymakers to recognize that innovation at the edge is facilitated in large part by investment and innovation at the core.”

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