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Texting While Driving Simulator: February WOW Wireless Lifechanger

CTIA’s Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls demonstrates the “It Can Wait” campaign’s texting and driving simulator, available on its website. In a safe virtual environment so no one is harmed, users must read and send texts while driving, which helps illustrate the impossibility of performing these two dangerous activities simultaneously.

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    This is a tough subject for me. I text and drive, talk and eat, eat and drive, etc..but sparingly knowing the consequences. I'm accident and ticket free, and I drive a stick. I feel like texting IS a problem but it isn't THE problem. I think more people should drive manuals, and new drivers should be required to pass a manual test before getting their license. To me driving is a passion so I throughly enjoy it. On the other hand, you have millions of people who don't care about driving or vehicles for that matter and use them simply to get from point A to B.

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    The problem is distracted driving, period. I drive for a living and I have seen it all. There is NO message that is that important. This is just people who think they are more important then they really are. You or anybody else do not have the right to endanger anyone else's life. Purely arrogant assholes.

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