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CTIA on the Incentive Auction Timeline and Project Plan

Following the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) presentation at its January open meeting on the Broadcast Incentive Auction, I said:

“CTIA welcomes today’s FCC update on the timeline and project plan for the broadcast television incentive auction. The incentive auction is critical to unleashing necessary additional spectrum for mobile broadband, and will play an important role in meeting the National Broadband Plan to bring 300 MHz of spectrum to market for mobile broadband services in the near term. That’s also why we were pleased to announce the channel sharing pilot program in Los Angeles on Tuesday, which will provide broadcasters with information so that they may make an informed decision about using this innovative technology and aiding the wireless industry to meet the incredible mobile consumers’ demands. While we are eager to see this spectrum brought to market as soon as possible, we recognize the complexity of this undertaking and commend Chairman Wheeler and the FCC’s Incentive Auction Taskforce for their efforts to advance this important proceeding and their commitment to conducting this significant auction by middle of 2015. With this reasonable timeline set, CTIA looks forward to continuing to work closely with the FCC on this important effort.”

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