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CTIA Statement on the FCC NPRM on In-Flight Wireless

I released the following statement in response to the FCC NPRM on In-Flight Wireless:

“While we recognize that there will be passionate discussion and debate by people about whether, when and how to use wireless devices on airplanes, the Commission correctly determined the first necessary step is to investigate whether or not it is technically feasible to operate devices without causing harmful interference to avionics or to wireless networks on the ground. CTIA looks forward to participating in that technological discussion in a robust way in order to help inform the Commission’s decision, including weighing in on the proper way to manage potential interference into wireless carrier networks. CTIA also will carefully evaluate the FCC’s proposals for spectrum licensing and for safeguarding the rights of existing licensees. We believe the Commission’s decision to initiate a proceeding on the technical aspects will create a great opportunity for all sides to carefully consider these issues.”

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