U.S. Offers a Variety of Unlocked Devices: Your Choice

There continues to be some interest in unlocked devices. While I have already explained what the Library of Congress’ October 2012 decisionPDF meant for consumers, it appears there is still confusion on this matter.

As I said in a statement released this afternoon:

“The Librarian of Congress concluded that an exemption was not necessary because the largest nationwide carriers have liberal, publicly available unlocking policies, and because unlocked phones are freely available in the marketplace — many at low prices.

“Customers have numerous options when purchasing mobile devices. They may choose to purchase devices at full price with no lock, or at a substantially discounted price – typically hundreds of dollars less than the full price – by signing a contract with a carrier. When the contract terms are satisfied, or for a reason that is included in the carrier’s unlocking policy – such as a trip outside the U.S. – carriers will unlock a phone at their customer’s request.”


But for those of you who may be interested in an unlocked device so that you may take it wherever, whenever you want, we’ve developed a list of some of the available unlocked devices and where you may purchase them. There are almost 200 unique devices available today:

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