CTIA Statement on the FTC’s Second Kids’ App Rating Report

After the FTC released its “Second Kids’ App Rating Report, I issued the following statement:

“While we have not had sufficient time to review the entire FTC report, CTIA reaffirms its members’ commitment to honoring and respecting consumers’ privacy and offering them a variety of safeguards. Those include numerous built-in security features and the ability to better understand how to manage their information that’s shared through wireless devices and services.

“As the wireless industry remains dedicated to ensuring users’ privacy, it’s important that wireless users, especially parents and children, talk with each other about how wireless devices are being used, what information is being accessed on them and to make themselves aware of the privacy policies made available by wireless service providers, social networks and apps. Families should also create appropriate rules for children’s use of wireless devices and services. Our website, GrowingWireless.com, can be a helpful resource for parents and children to know how to be responsible and safe wireless users.”

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