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Green Operations: Wireless Parking in San Francisco

Motorists in downtown San Francisco are participating in a pilot project that allows them to use their wireless devices to locate empty parking spaces on city streets. This novel program is designed to reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion and save valuable time.

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    The correct working for this story should be, SF residents are being used as guinea pigs for many new technologies that are being tested to control drivers by restricting parking options. One of the many new games they are rolling out, is the above mentioned wireless parking search system. This system is not used by many drivers as it relies on a hands-free smart phone or a passenger to use it safely. The government may have a single system for sending the data, but there are numerous companies trying to sell us notice of where the empties are, and taking our money for paying for them. Think about it. Your navigator tells you there is a space 1 and a half blocks up a street that is empty on the North side of the street. How likely is it that the space will still be empty by the time you get to it? Parking is a game of luck and chance regardless of how they spin it. The first eyes that see it will get it.

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