mHealth: Connecting Patients to Health

Mobile Health, or mHealth, is changing the way doctors think about patient care by improving health provider efficiency and patient care through mobility and instantaneous feedback. Taking place at MobileCON in San Diego, the discussion focuses on the challenges facing mHealth and the long-term benefits.

Matthew Berry, Chief of Staff for the Office of Commissioner Pai at the Federal Communications Commission, discusses the effect that mobile technology has on patients. Berry illustrates how mHealth is making a difference by giving doctors the ability to collect data and provide the patient with instant feedback.

Robert Jarrin, Senior Director of Government Affairs for Qualcomm Incorporated and Co-chair of the FCC’s mHealth Task Force, believes that mHealth is the best hope to reach those in rural communities and the most logical next step for health care.

Rob McCray, President and CEO of Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, says the underlying issue of mHealth technologies is health. Whether you’re talking about mobile, digital or wireless, technology is creating platforms that allow users to manage their health before a doctor needs to get involved.

Dr. Mohit Kaushal, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer for West Health, discusses the challenges to mHealth including slow adoption from the health care industry and selling products to doctors.

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