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CTIA Statement on the FCC’s Decision on SoundBite’s Petition

After the FCC released its decision on SoundBite’s petition, I issued the following statement: “The FCC’s action on the SoundBite petition reaffirms that a text message sent by a service provider to confirm a wireless subscriber’s request to opt out of a text messaging program does not violate the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act, and more […]

The Five Stages of Losing a Smartphone PSA

To help consumers, CTIA and its members developed a public service announcement (PSA) video, which serves as a funny reminder to use their smartphones’ features and apps to remote lock, track and wipe if the devices are lost or stolen. Learn more at For the uncensored PG version, watch this one:

“Wire-Less Green” TV Commercial

Using wireless today is helping all of us and U.S. industries lower our carbon footprints. It means we waste less, pollute less, drive less, and destroy less…thanks to Wire-Less. CTIA-The Wireless Association’s television advertisement illustrates the great environmental benefits of wireless technology.

Green Operations: Paulding County School District in Atlanta, GA

Innovative use of wireless and GPS technology is helping the Paulding County School District in Atlanta, Georgia revolutionize its bus fleet management. See how district officials, bus drivers and parents benefit from improved efficiency and safety through cutting-edge wireless technology.

Green Operations: Wireless Parking in San Francisco

Motorists in downtown San Francisco are participating in a pilot project that allows them to use their wireless devices to locate empty parking spaces on city streets. This novel program is designed to reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion and save valuable time.

Green Operations: Safelite Mobile Applications

Safelite, one of the nation’s largest windshield repair companies, is realizing tremendous savings and increased productivity thanks to wireless.

Mid-Year 2012 CTIA Wireless Industry Indices Report Now Available

CTIA’s mid-year 2012 Indices report is now available and provides users with a comprehensive look at the state of the U.S. wireless industry from 1985 through June 2012. Capturing data from companies serving 97 percent of all estimated wireless subscribers, it is a comprehensive overview of wireless in America.  Few other reports have the historical […]

Attention Wireless Users: You’re Unfairly Taxed and Taxed More Than Ever

As reported this morning in Politico, Scott Mackey released his report on wireless taxes, fees and surcharges that shows wireless consumers pay the highest documented combined tax and fee burden EVER. This is a truly troublesome trend, which is why we are advocating for the U.S. Senate to pass the Wireless Tax Fairness Act (S. […]

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