White Paper Shows Complexity and Importance of Cybersecurity

Today, we released our white paper, which explains that in order to stay ahead of cyberthreats, the wireless industry needs to be able to communicate and share information about such threats to protect itself and its customers.

As the paper explains, there are a number of players in the wireless industry, and cybersecurity is a shared and common objective that every player actively pursues. The wireless industry has invested allot in cybersecurity and the white paper highlights the different solutions that consumers can use to meet their needs.

While CTIA’s member companies continue to proactively address the challenge and manage risk, consumers play a key role in protecting against cyber threats. That’s why we developed these 11 “Cybersafety” tips, for  consumers to secure their mobile devices. Good security is something everyone’s concerned about, since privacy cannot be afforded without cybersecurity.

The white paper “Today’s Mobile Cybersecurity: Protected, Secured and Unified” also takes a look at what policymakers can do to help the industry with this complicated issue. One of the most important items is to allow mobile companies to communicate and share information with one another so they may work together to identify potential threats and discuss how to best address the problems. The wireless industry believes that everyone, including government and academia, must work together to continue to create flexible, dynamic countermeasures in an environment that encourages information sharing.

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