Thanks to the app economy, 519,000 jobs were created

Today, CTIA and the Application Developers Alliance released a report that found the app economy created 519,000 jobs across the country.

While the top 10 app economy job states may not be surprising, the economic impact must have been welcomed by all of these states. The figure next to each state is the economic impact, per million, each year:

  1. California = $8,241
  2. Washington = $2,671
  3. New York = $2,313
  4. Texas = $1,183
  5. Massachusetts = $1,143
  6. New Jersey = $1,087
  7. Georgia = $1,062
  8. Illinois = $847
  9. Virginia  = $788
  10. Pennsylvania = $632

But what may be surprising is the “app intensity” of states, which is the percentage of app economy jobs compared to the total number of jobs in the state. The national “app intensity” average was 1.

  1. Washington = 4.47
  2. California = 2.71
  3. Massachusetts = 1.71
  4. Oregon = 1.70
  5. Georgia = 1.56
  6. New Jersey = 1.29
  7. New York = 1.16
  8. Virginia = 1.04
  9. Delaware = 0.93
  10. Colorado = 0.90

Five years ago, the iTunes and Android Marketplace application stores opened. In 2011, the mobile app revenue was almost $19 billion, and it’s expected to rise to $46 billion by 2016. The app economy is still in its infancy, but it’s clearly an important driver for our economy.

I’ve been at CTIA for nine years now. And the one thing that has been consistent throughout this constantly evolving industry has been that our members keep innovating. They are constantly creating “cooler” products and services. CTIA member companies are improving the way consumers live and work throughout all industries – from health care to education to transportation to utilities.

With all of these new wireless innovations, CTIA members have in turn invested more, created jobs and delivered more of an economic impact for our country.

Regardless of your political affiliation, the wireless industry is a significant player in today’s economy, and everyone ought to support it. That means that the wireless industry must get more spectrum so we remain the world’s leader and continue to be a major contributor to our nation’s economy.

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