CTIA Wireless Industry Indices Report: Now Available

Since 1985, CTIA has conducted an in-depth analysis of industry wide data drawn from member and non-member wireless service providers. This data reflects the results for companies serving 95% of wireless subscribers as of December 31, 2011.

Here are some of the highlights from our most recent semi-annual survey (as of December 31, 2011):

  • Wireless subscriber connections: 331.6 million (104.7 percent penetration); Dec. 2010: 311 million (7 percent increase).
  • Wireless network data traffic: 866.7 billion megabytes; Dec. 2010: 388 billion megabytes (123 percent increase).
  • Active smartphones and wireless-enabled PDAs: 111.5 million; Dec. 2010: 78.2 million (43 percent increase).
  • Number of active data-capable devices: 295.1 million; Dec. 2010: 270.5 million (9 percent increase).
  • Wireless-enabled tablets, laptops and modems: 20.2 million; Dec. 2010: 13.6 million (49 percent increase).
  • Minutes of Use (MOU): 2.296 trillion 2010: 2.241 trillion (2 percent increase)
  • SMS sent and received: 2.304 trillion 2010: 2.052 trillion (12 percent increase).
  • MMS sent and received: 52.8 billion 2010: 56.6 billion.
  • Average local monthly wireless bill (includes voice and data service): $47.00; Dec. 2010: $47.21.

While we provide a complimentary high-level look at our survey, we also offer the comprehensive CTIA Wireless Industry Indices report.

The CTIA Wireless Industry Indices report provides a comprehensive review of the survey results over time, including total service revenues, wireless data service revenues, as well as roaming, toll and vertical service revenues. Among current and historical industry trends analyzed are subscriber usage (calls, minutes of use, messaging, and total data traffic volumes), incremental capital investment, and subscriber-to-employee ratios. The report draws upon additional sources to include wireless subscribership by state and by other “Economic Areas.” Special sections on prepaid and wireless data services are provided. The report also includes selected comparisons between wireless and wireline services.

The CTIA Wireless Industry Indices report is available for purchase at the CTIA Research eStore.

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