Guest Post from T-Mobile USA: Report a lost or stolen phone

We’re continuing to help educate consumers about the tools and tips they can use to protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen (reminder about the four steps to deter smartphone thefts).

Today’s guest blog post is from T-Mobile USA on what its customers should do if their devices are lost or stolen. For more information, please visit its website.

Other Security Features

Setting up your device’s PIN or lock code is an excellent way to reduce the risk of unauthorized calls and charges, particularly if your phone is stolen. For information on setting up your device’s PIN or lock code, go to Phones and Devices.

What should I do if I find a lost phone?

If you find a lost handset, use to locate the nearest direct T-Mobile location if needed and then bring the lost handset to the nearest T-Mobile Retail Store so it can be returned to the owner.

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