U.S. Senators, Play Ball for Wireless Consumers!

This week, MyWireless.org® will follow up to its very popular “Stop the Wireless Tax Madness”-themed advertising in Hill publications and online sites with a baseball ad in recognition of opening day and the start of the season. We are urging Senators “play ball!” this spring, and protect wireless consumers by putting a stop to state and local tax and fee hikes that have spiraled out of control like a wild pitch.

Bipartisan, common sense legislation from Senators Wyden (D-OR) and Snowe (R-ME) is being considered in the Senate Finance Committee this spring, and would place a five-year moratorium on all new, discriminatory state and local wireless taxes and fees. Consumers already pay an average of 16 percent of their monthly bills in taxes and fees, compared to 7 percent on other taxable goods and services.

On behalf of more than 300 million American consumers, supporting S. 543, the “Wireless Tax Fairness Act” is a grand slam.

The Lofgren-Franks House companion bill (H.R. 1002) was basically the act of putting a man on third in scoring position. After being scored at zero additional cost by the C.B.O., and passing the House of Representatives by a unanimous voice vote in November, now it’s time for the Senate to drive home the winning run for consumers.

American consumers are rallying to get Senators to take a look at this perfect pitch. We urge for some real bipartisan teamwork from the Senate, and you will undoubtedly see more advertising from MyWireless.org calling for passage of S. 543. Consumers should be “safe!” from unfair wireless taxes and fees.

MyWireless stop state & local tax hikes baseball ad

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