Welcome CTIA’s New VP of Technology and Cybersecurity John Marinho

Today, we announced John Marinho is joining us on March 12 as our Vice President of Technology and Cybersecurity. We’ve had a lot of discussion at the association and with our members about the increasing importance of working together to maximize efforts to protect wireless networks and devices against cybersecurity threats. While many of our existing CTIA departments are involved in this critical mission, it’s become clear that creating a position with specific responsibilities in that regard would be useful to the industry and in ensuring the integrity of communications for hundreds of millions of American wireless consumers. Among John’s many tasks will be educating policymakers on emerging technologies while advocating for sensible and practical regulations that do not impose unintended consequences.

John has extensive knowledge of the wireless industry, which he has developed in a career that has spanned more than three decades. He has worked for and with several of our members and has received numerous honors and awards for his service in several areas related to his new position. He is going to be a great addition to CTIA and a valuable asset as we move forward in the area of cybersecurity.

Once he gets settled, I am sure he’ll be a frequent blog poster! I’m looking forward to his sharing his vast expertise and to learning more about the appropriate and important measures the industry is taking to continue honoring its commitment of providing world-leading wireless service in every respect.

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