Congress is Close to Enacting Spectrum Legislation

Congress is close to enactment of spectrum legislation and while not every “t” is crossed or “i” dotted yet, no less than The Wall Street Journal sees fit to deem it a “boon for wireless.” I agree.

The bi-partisan bill will:

  • Authorize the FCC to conduct incentive auctions to make bands currently occupied by television broadcasters available for wireless broadband services;
  • Allow additional unlicensed use in guard bands (subject, appropriately, to interference protection) and at 5.4 GHz;
  • Further streamline the process for deploying wireless facilities.

I’m really excited that we’ve been able to make this progress, which will represent a meaningful down payment toward the 500 MHz of spectrum for commercial use called for in the National Broadband Plan and again earlier this week in the President’s FY13 BudgetPDF Document.

Now that the conferees – and their talented, hard-working staffs – have put this package together, it’s up to the full House and Senate to get it passed. I’m not going to suggest that spectrum reform alone will cure low approval ratings, but a package that encourages job creation, facilitates domestic investment and supports innovation sure can’t hurt!

I urge every Representative and Senator to vote “yes” on this bill.

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