CTIA Statement on FCC’s Lifeline Order and Further Notice

Today I released this statement:

“CTIA’s members, as providers of Lifeline benefits to millions of consumers, share the FCC’s commitment to ensuring that the low income program adapts to meet changing consumer needs and functions in as cost-effective and responsible manner as possible. CTIA is pleased that the FCC’s reforms will allow low income consumers to continue to choose wireless services to meet their Lifeline needs, as well as addressing concerns about waste, fraud and abuse. While we look forward to reviewing the details in the Order, many of the FCC’s proposed reforms appear to advance those goals. CTIA continues to believe that the FCC should work quickly to develop a database to verify consumer eligibility. This approach would benefit consumers, improve the cost effectiveness of the program, and strengthen the Commission’s administration, so we are committed to working with the FCC to meet its 2013 implementation date.”

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