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CTIA Statement on FCC’s Lifeline Order and Further Notice

Today I released this statement: “CTIA’s members, as providers of Lifeline benefits to millions of consumers, share the FCC’s commitment to ensuring that the low income program adapts to meet changing consumer needs and functions in as cost-effective and responsible manner as possible. CTIA is pleased that the FCC’s reforms will allow low income consumers […]

Stopping Unsolicited Political Campaign Texts

With the election cycle’s presidential primary season in full force, many Americans have received campaign literature, seen television ads and met candidates who are vying for their vote. Unfortunately, some wireless customers have also received unwanted text messages from political campaigns and some of these messages were sent in the middle of the night (between […]

The Facts (Again) Prove the Wireless Ecosystem is Robustly Competitive

The facts continue to prove the wireless marketplace is driven by competition and innovation. In our initial comments to the FCC on the state of wireless competition for their latest report, we provided a huge amount of data from trusted third-party organizations and our semi-annual survey that showed the competition that exists in the wireless […]

The rEvolution of Wireless Handsets: From the “Brick” to the DROID RAZR

It’s my third week since I’ve joined CTIA, and I’ve decided to introduce myself by writing a blog post on the incredible “rEvolution” of wireless handsets. I may be new to CTIA, but I’ve had a mobile device since 1999—and I’ve never looked back! For those of us who are old enough to remember the […]

AT&T’s de la Vega Talks Mobile

Enterprise, applications, and machine-to-machine communications are the centerpieces of Ralph de la Vega’s Day One Keynote address. The President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets talks about his key themes.

Polycom’s CEO on Video Solution

Polycom’s President and CEO, Andy Miller, addresses the growing need for high quality video collaboration in today’s mobile digital society and showcases Polycom’s game-changing video solution for enterprises.

In U.S., “LTE” Means Speedy Wireless Nets Now, But For Many in Europe It Just Means “LaTE”

Shortly after filing comments last month on the State of Mobile Wireless Competition documenting U.S. wireless providers’ global lead in wireless competition, I was struck by an article that reaffirmed this lead and underscored the true benefits being delivered to U.S. consumers. The CNET U.K. headline says it all: “No 4G network for Britain until […]

Smartphones Impact Commerce

Dan Schulman, Group President, Enterprise Growth, American Express Company, predicts that smartphones will be the future of mobile communications and have a major impact on commerce.

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