“Navy Life” App Provides Emergency Information for Hurricane Preparedness

Unfortunately, we’ve seen our fair share of extraordinary environmental events in 2011—the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the U.S. East Coast earthquake, an early snow and even an asteroid fly-by. We also experienced several hurricanes, including Hurricane Irene that mostly dissipated by the time it reached CTIA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

For Navy personnel and their families stationed on the East Coast, hurricane preparedness is a part of life from June through November. To help prepare and cope with disasters, the Navy created an iOS app “Navy Life” (available for both military and civilians) that provides emergency response information, basic emergency kits, news feeds and other resources available for recovery.

According to the Navy, a key feature of the app is its ability to push important information to personnel and their families during emergency situations. The app also offers information on Navy quality of life programs like Navy Exchange, Defense Commissary Agency and other resources for family members.

For civilians interested in receiving disaster safety tips and a list of shelters and disaster recovery centers in your area, learn more about the FCC and FEMA’s app and text message service.

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