Apps for the Battlefield

We use apps every day for productivity, social and entertainment. With more than 1.2 million apps available from more than 11 operating systems, the possibilities for innovation are limitless. With so much innovation, investment and competition in the U.S. wireless industry, commercial wireless technology is a natural fit for the needs of our military.

Last week, we highlighted an Android device that is being tested as part of the Nett Warrior program to provide soldiers with situational awareness and mission planning tools. But Android isn’t the only platform helping our troops—other operating system developers are racing to develop military apps to assist soldiers with mapping and surveillance.

Earlier this year, Network World profiled several developers who are creating apps for use on the battlefield. Harris Corporation is creating a military version of the iPhone app Newsfish, which is used by “citizen journalists” to share reports of local news events, sports and other topics. The military version will allow soldiers to gather surveillance in the field by recording videos and interviews on their smartphone that are securely uploaded to military systems.

Intelligent Software Solutions is developing a mobile platform called Motus that includes an app that uses GPS technology to report, collect and analyze location data such as insurgent hotspots and other hazards. The data can be securely uploaded from the device to a central database and scrutinized by analysts to determine the safest movements for soldiers.

There are a number of apps that are helping the U.S. military so we encourage you to highlight other apps in the comment section below.

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