The U.S. Army Marketplace Application Store

Our November blog theme is focused on the wireless products and services that help America’s military successfully conduct their missions while being safe.

One innovative example we highlighted in the November WOW Policy Point is the U.S. Army Marketplace application store. This new store was previewed by WIRED earlier this year in an article that stated the Army will initially offer apps created during the “Apps for the Army” contest, which yielded 17 Android apps and another 16 iOS Apps that ranged from workout guides to digitized manuals for standard Army tasks.

The Army Marketplace’s other goal is to bring together developers and end-users to collaborate on mobile app solutions that fit specific military needs. For example, a solider can post a description of what he needs in an app, such as instructions for how to call for artillery fire, which starts a discussion between soldiers and designers. If a fellow soldier can’t make the app, then the Army can open a bidding or contracting process for vendors who can create the app.

The app store is expected to open sometime this month. To keep the soldiers and the innovative apps that help them complete their missions, only members of the Department of Defense can see the store and access its content.

On behalf of CTIA and the wireless industry, we are honored to be able to assist our troops.

Photo Credit: U.S. Army CIO/G-6

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