Greetings from China

CTIA boasts an international membership and this week I’m having the terrific opportunity of visiting with some of our prominent members in their respective company headquarters in Asia. Executive Vice President Bobby Franklin and I began a three city tour yesterday through China and Korea that will include meetings with executives with Huawei Technologies, Samsung, and LG, as well as sessions with various U.S. and Chinese business organizations and ZTE.

Steve Largent and Bobby Franklin at ZTE headquarters in Shenzhen.

Executive Vice President Bobby Franklin and me enjoying an impressive welcome at ZTE headquarters in Shenzhen.

We spent Sunday getting acclimated to the travel and doing some touring, seeing such spectacular sights as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. We stayed in Beijing yesterday for our first round of meetings, visiting the China Center for Information Industry Development, the United States Information and Technology Office, and the China Electronic Standardization Institute. After an exquisite meal last night (Peking Duck, what else?), we moved on to Shenzhen, which is well known for the vast amount of fashion work that is performed there, but is also where we met with ZTE officials and have a meeting set with Huawei tomorrow.

CTIA & Communications Weekly in China

This is Bobby Franklin, me, and Xin Pengjun, who we met at the CCID and is the Managing Editor and President of Communications Weekly in China.

I’ll be reporting back from time-to-time and offer some thoughts at the end of the trip, too. For now, I’ll tell you it’s an incredible experience to meet with the various experts that we are and to learn about the wireless industry from the Asian perspective. The growth in China alone is unbelievable, and while the offerings have impressively advanced here in recent years, I remain proud to represent the United States wireless industry, which continues to lead the world in such key areas as high-speed service deployment and innovative products.

After years of seeing pictures of The Great Wall of China, it is even more unbelievable in person!

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