CTIA Carrier Officers Ask Joint Select Committee to Authorize Incentive Auctions and Repurpose Federal Spectrum

Earlier this month, four members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction wrote to the President expressing their support for voluntary incentive auctions but noting that incentive auctions alone are unlikely to be sufficient to address the well-documented demand for commercial spectrum. For that reason, Representatives Upton and Becerra and Senators Kerry and Toomey asked the President to lead an effort within the Executive Branch to clear federal bands so that additional paired, internationally-harmonized bands below 3 GHz can be made available for wireless broadband services.

This is a message CTIA and its members wholeheartedly endorse. Today, CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent and the carrier leaders who serve as CTIA’s officers urged the Joint Select Committee to do both these things – to authorize incentive auctions and repurpose federal spectrum – in order to create a meaningful pipeline of spectrum that will help facilitate the continued growth of America’s wireless ecosystem.

The signers of today’s letter lead companies that collectively serve more than 92 percent of all U.S. wireless customers. While their companies compete vigorously in the marketplace – and even in the policy arena here in Washington – these leaders agree that the best way to maintain U.S. leadership in the deployment of cutting-edge wireless services is to bring additional spectrum to market.

By creating a real pipeline of high-quality spectrum below 3 GHz, the Joint Select Committee has an opportunity to encourage investment and innovation, promote U.S. leadership in one of the twenty-first century’s most critical industries and, consistent with its charter, raise revenue that can be used to help reduce our federal budget deficit. That’s win-win-win that needs to happen now.

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