NAB Opposes FM Chipset Mandate

As Chris said yesterday, FM-capable phones are available for the consumers who want them. The market is responding, and will continue to respond, to consumer demand, and thus there is no reason for a mandate in this area.

Our opposition to an FM chipset mandate has long been echoed by groups like TIA, CEA, ITI, Tech America, RIAA and RCA. And now we can add NAB to that list!

After the July 15 hearing before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications & Technology, NAB President Gordon Smith responded to a question from Representative Marsha Blackburn by stating, “NAB is not asking for a government-imposed mandate that mobile devices incorporate an FM radio chip.”

Yesterday, NAB reiterated their support for a “VOLUNTARY activation of radio chips in cellphones.”

No mandate. Voluntary. Those are concepts I can get behind. It’s great that CTIA and NAB now agree that there is no need for a government mandate on FM chipsets. Now guys, about those spectrum auctions…

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