CTIA Statement on the GAO Report on Cellphones in Prisons

After the Government Accountability Office released their report, “Improved Evaluations and Increased Coordination Could Improve Cell Phone Detection,” I issued the following statement:

“We are pleased that the GAO report recommends that the Bureau of Prisons’ Office of Security Technology formulate evaluation plans that both support a consistent approach to testing cellphone detection technologies and strengthen decisions about deploying cellphone detection projects. The GAO does not recommend jamming and in fact the report notes, consistent with our view, that jamming wireless signals can cause interference to cellphone signals outside of a prison institution and violates the Communications Act. Finally, GAO noted that better screening and the use of non-interfering technological solutions can help combat the problem. CTIA and its members support efforts to prevent the smuggling of contraband phones into correctional facilities and will continue to work with the appropriate authorities at all levels of government to combat this problem.”

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