Campus Party: Technology Extravaganza with 8k Hackers, Developers, Gamers and Geeks

Buenas tardes from Mexico City! I’m at Campus Party, Europe and Latin America’s largest technology extravaganza, focusing on innovation, science, social value and digital entertainment. It’s a 7-day, 24-hour festival where 8,000+ young hackers/developers/gamers and geeks–equipped with laptops–camp and immerse themselves in 12 content areas (e.g. astronomy, developers, photography, PC games, music, security/networks, simulation and videos).

We’re excited to announce that CTIA has entered into a strategic partnership with Futura Networks to bring this exciting event stateside. Look for the first-ever Campus Party USA in summer 2012.

Here’s a pic of us prepping for the crowds and setting up 7,500 workstations for Campus-goers.

Check out the tents…although campers won’t be sleeping much in the next seven days. The party goes around the clock, and I’m told 3:00 a.m. is peak productivity time. To give the campers the authentic “camping” feel, they play sounds of birds over the speakers.

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