FTC Shuts Down Text Message Spammer

CTIA and our carrier members are constantly monitoring their networks for SPAM text messages so they don’t end up in your inbox. Unfortunately, spammers are constantly evolving to try to get by the carriers’ filters.

That’s why we were pleased to help the FTC with an investigation of a text message spammer.

According to the FCC compliant, the alleged spammer sent more than 5.5 million unsolicited text messages. This amounts to more than 85 spam texts per minute, every minute of every day in 40 days. By sending out the SPAM messages, the FTC believes the spammer violated the FTC Act and the CAN-SPAM Act by not providing a way for consumers to “opt out” of future messages.

Due to his actions, the FTC has asked a federal judge to freeze his assets and shut down his operation.

If you receive an unsolicited message that doesn’t include an “opt out” option, file a CAN-SPAM complaint with the FCC.

Learn more about CTIA and the wireless industry’s commitment to protecting consumers by visiting our policy topic.

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