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Do you have the next BIG idea in the power of wireless? 3 days left to apply! – DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Do you have the next big idea, vision or concept for a wireless product, application or service that can change the way we live, work or play? An idea that embodies the true transformative power of wireless?

CTIA invites you to earn the chance to present your B!G Idea to a global audience of media, wireless and telecommunications professionals at International CTIA WIRELESS® 2011! This is an opportunity to step into the spotlight and control the Exhibit Innovations Stage for one hour and present your ideas and views on any given topic.

Submissions are due on Wednesday, Dec. 22 (NOTICE: New deadline!); click here to learn how to apply. Good luck!

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    Big Idea Contest

    BLT-739 Caller ID Screener: An Easier Way To Decide Which Calls To Take

    New telephone accessory enables the user to block calls from certain numbers. Prevents a phone from ringing constantly; blocked numbers don't ring.

    Eliminates the need to constantly monitor caller identification services to determine whether or not the user wants to pick up the phone or not.

    Guides unwanted callers to a separate answering machine/service, they'll never know their number has been blocked.

    Ensures that each time phone rings it's something of importance.

    Also can be used by advertisers to sell there services and products on mobile devices without disturbing an irritating the consumer with unwanted calls and messages.

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