Accessibility and Disability Issues: Focus for CTIA’s “Wonder of Wireless” July Edition

CTIA-The Wireless Association® and the wireless industry have been leaders in driving an ever-growing range of choices and opportunities for all consumers, including persons with disabilities, because wireless devices are uniquely positioned to meet their needs.

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, CTIA has dedicated the July edition of “Wonder of Wireless” (WOW) webcast and our blog to focus on accessibility and disability issues. This month, we’re featuring:

  • Industry Insider” – Many wireless users are challenged by visual or hearing impairments, but specialized and mainstream wireless applications are becoming more accessible thanks to innovative wireless services. CTIA talks with Wireless Rehabilitation and Engineering Research Center Project Director Jim Mueller about the newest developments in this area.
  • Wireless at Work” – This month, we see a demonstration of  an application that’s designed for smart phones that uses recognition technology to identify objects for visually impaired or blind wireless users, and then “tells” what the object is to the user. It can even transmit images, such as a street intersection, to another wireless user, who can in turn provide information about the user’s location!
  • Policy Point” – The wireless industry has a long history of developing and supporting services for the disabled community, and we take a look at some of those measures.
  • Wireless Lifesaver” – The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti was a horrific catastrophe, but wireless communications played a vital role in the rescue efforts that saved thousands of lives. The Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Ryan Bank is featured for his development of a social media wireless application that was successfully implemented in the Haitian relief efforts.

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