Windy City, Wireless Online Safety and Education

Education. Education. Education. That’s the key to increasing wireless online safety for children, according to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. We couldn’t agree more.

The General was the featured speaker at a half-day session today in Chicago, and she emphasized the importance of educating young people about the need to behave responsibly online, especially in a mobile environment. And right along with that is the role parents can play in educating themselves as to what’s going on with wireless and their kids, and how important it is to have a two-way conversation with your children.

Listen to them. Learn from them. And start early!

We couldn’t agree more. CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent also spoke today about the industry’s long-standing commitment to create tools for parents, educators and kids, to have a safe online wireless experience. This also includes our campaign, Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe: Responsible Wireless Use. We’ve developed content guidelines and work closely with federal agencies and great partners such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. That collaboration, which we saw today in bringing together federal and state government, industry, and key third-party partners such as Chicago’s After School Matters, is key to wireless online safety for our children

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