CTIA’s Consumer Tips on International Travel: Highlight of Available Apps

Here’s the second post on a few of the applications that are available for consumers to help them manage their usage when traveling internationally.

As a reminder, here’s the carrier-specific information that we posted earlier today as part of the FCC’s Wireless World Travel Week” .

  • Android/Droid
  • Blackberry:
    • e-office Mobile Data Alerter:  Allows consumer to monitor data usage.  Also allows consumer to set up specified alerts based on usage.  Built in is an application viewer as well, so consumer can see what applications are currently running. 
    • Mobile Minutes Tracker Premium:
      • Current minute balance
      • Rollover minutes
      • Data plan balance
      • SMS use
      • Bill details
      • Previous payments
      • Overcharge protection alerts
  • iPhone
    • MyWireless Application to track minute, message and broadband usage
    • iPhone Travel Tips: For travel Tips on how to minimize charges for foreign country/international roaming:
      • Turn data roaming “OFF”: Be sure to download and install the latest version of iPhone software from iTunes. To turn data roaming “ON/OFF” tap on Settings>General>Network>Data Roaming.
      • Utilize Wi-Fi instead of 3G/GPRS/EDGE: Wi-Fi is available in many international airports, hotels, and restaurants to browse the Web or check e-mail. You can even use voice over IP services, such as Skype to make phone calls.
      • Turn fetch new data “OFF”: Check e-mail and sync contacts and calendars manually instead of having the data pushed to your iPhone automatically. This way you can control the flow of data coming to your iPhone. To turn off the Auto-Check functionality tap on Settings>Fetch New Data, change Push to “OFF” and Select to Fetch Manually.
      • Consider purchasing an international data package.
      • Reset the usage tracker to zero: When you arrive overseas, access the usage tracker in the general settings menu and select reset statistics. This will enable you to track your estimated data usage. To reset Usage Tracker to Zero tap on Settings>General>Usage>Reset.
      • Do not download video on your iPhone or laptop while traveling. This will help you avoid some of the most expensive data charges. If you want to stream a movie, music video, or TV show on your phone, go to a Wi-Fi hot spot and download movies over that network.

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