May Wrap-Up on Responsible Wireless Use; June to Highlight Wireless Safety

Throughout May, we have been posting various videos, podcasts and updates on our blog about the important issue of wireless responsible use. While today’s children are benefiting tremendously from digital and mobile technologies and services, some kids may choose to use their mobile devices and services in an inappropriate or irresponsible manner. 

In light of the challenges of protecting children in open online and mobile environments, the wireless industry continues to respond with effective, innovative solutions to provide parents with choice and control over their children’s usage of mobile content and services.

For additional information on the wireless industry’s efforts to help keep kids safe in a mobile environment, click here.  We also encourage you to visit our new campaign, “Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe: Responsible Wireless Use” website for specific information for parents, educators and policymakers.

After Memorial Day weekend, our blog will focus on the featuring videos, podcasts and updates on wireless technology’s important role in enhancing public and personal safety. 

Wireless technology not only provides the freedom to connect with friends and family at anytime and anywhere, it is also a powerful tool for personal safety and security.

Every day, more than 300,000 Americans use their wireless phones to contact 9-1-1 emergency services. But numbers don’t tell the full story.

Throughout the month of June, we’ll share real-life stories of innovative programs, organizations and everyday Americans who are using wireless technology in extraordinary ways to save lives, stop crime or help out in emergency situations.

Keep visiting our blog this month for June’s updates and information on wireless safety!

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