Brief History on Text Donations

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, The Wireless Foundation and the American Red Cross started the Text 2Help program in 2005. We developed the program so that wireless customers could easily make small donations via text and have the donations appear on customers’ monthly wireless bills, or by debiting the amount from prepaid account balances.
We started with the smaller donation amounts ($5 or $10) because we believed individuals would be more comfortable giving in those increments than larger donations such as $100. While we encourage people to give more, we believe that $10, multiplied by thousands (or millions) can make a difference. 
Before the Haiti earthquake, the most that had been raised via text for any charity was in May 2009 with Alicia Keys and the Keep a Child Alive program. It raised approximately $450,000.
Then the American Red Cross received via text $250,000 in September 2008 for Hurricane Gustav and $120,000 in September 2005 for Hurricane Katrina. 
The generosity by wireless subscribers is inspiring and we are honored to have you as a customer.
Thank you.

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