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America is the Global Mobile Leader

Here’s how much mobile Americans used in 2014, according to CTIA annual survey. Some of the highlights include:

  • 36 million more devices than people;
  • 243.5 million smartphones and tablets accounting for 68% of all devices on mobile networks; and
  • 4.1 trillion MB of data.

To meet these demands, wireless carriers invested more than $32 billion in capital expenditures.

Learn why Americans’ mobile usage requires more spectrum for the wireless industry.

CTIA Statement on Wireless Innovation Act (S. 1618)

After the introduction of the Wireless Innovation Act (S. 1618), I said:

“With this legislation, Senators Rubio, Wicker, Ayotte, Gardner and Johnson make clear their commitment to continued innovation and American leadership in mobile broadband. By creating a spectrum pipeline and encouraging more transparency and efficiency among federal spectrum users, this forward-looking legislation sets the stage for bringing additional – and much-needed – spectrum to market and spurring investment and economic growth.”



CTIA Statement on the FCC June Open Meeting

After the FCC June Open Meeting, I said:

“CTIA appreciates the Commission’s leadership in continuing to modernize and strengthen the federal Lifeline program. Wireless is a critical tool that enables Lifeline to support the public safety, health care, educational, occupational and other important communications for millions of low-income consumers. CTIA stands ready to work with the Commission to ensure that the Lifeline program continues to reflect low-income consumers’ preference for wireless services, whether voice or broadband, and to improve program administration to safeguard the fiscal integrity of the program.

“CTIA also congratulates the FCC for adopting the Incentive Auction Reconsideration Order, which affirms the broad framework for the upcoming 600 MHz Incentive Auction. American consumers and businesses will benefit from the constantly innovative wireless services and offerings built on the foundation of new mobile broadband spectrum. We look forward to working closely with the FCC and industry stakeholders to resolve the remaining issues in advance of the incentive auction.”


CTIA Statement on the Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act

After the Digital Goods bill moved through the Judiciary Committee, I said:

“CTIA thanks Chairman Goodlatte for moving the Digital Goods bill through the Judiciary Committee and Representatives Smith and Cohen for their consistent leadership on the issue. The bill offers a much-needed national framework that only Congress can enact to ...

Exploring Ways to Promote Broadband Adoption and Deployment

Expanded access to wireless broadband can benefit all Americans by sparking innovative new business opportunities, providing Internet connections to under-served areas, improving public safety and fostering the development of countless health and education applications. This statement is as true today as it was when President Obama made it nearly ...

CTIA Statement in Response to D.C. Circuit Decision Affirming FCC’s Incentive Auction Report and Order

After the D.C. Circuit decision affirming FCC’s Incentive Auction Report and Order, I said: 

“Today’s decision by the D.C. Circuit is a decisive win for wireless consumers, as the court has affirmed the FCC’s Incentive Auction Order in whole. We are thankful that the court addressed these issues quickly and look forward ...

CTIA Statement on the Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group Recommendations

After the Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group issued recommendations, I said:

“CTIA and the wireless industry remain committed to educating consumers about how to protect their mobile devices and personal information in the event their device is lost or stolen. As part of our ongoing commitment, CTIA and many of our ...

CTIA Statement on U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Decision on the Open Internet

After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit decision on the Open Internet, I said:

“Today’s decision by the court to expedite the case is good news, demonstrating the seriousness of the FCC's complete and sudden reversal of decades of bipartisan policy. While the stay decision is ...

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