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CTIA Statement After the Release of the Greenhill & Co. Report on 600 MHz Incentive Auction

After Greenhill & Co. released its report on the 600 MHz Incentive Auction, I issued the following statement:

“CTIA is encouraged by the release of the Greenhill Report, which is another important step toward meeting consumer demands for mobile broadband access via the Incentive Auction proceeding. As we transition from a policy issue to a business opportunity for thousands of broadcasters across the country, this report will underscore the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for broadcasters to monetize their spectrum assets. With our $53 billion track record of participating in spectrum auctions, the wireless industry will be active bidders in the incentive auction. While today’s U.S. wireless story is one of remarkable success, making additional spectrum available remains critical to promoting economic growth and enhancing our nation’s global competitiveness to benefit Americans.”

CTIA Statement After the FCC September Open Meeting

I released the following statement today:

“CTIA is encouraged by the FCC’s adoption of three additional incentive auction-related items at today’s open meeting. Countless studies and bipartisan policymakers recognize the need for additional spectrum to meet growing consumer demand and the integration of mobile broadband into important sectors of our economy, including education, health and transportation. A successful 600 MHz Incentive Auction is critical to meeting that need, and these proceedings will have an important role in ensuring we maximize the amount and usability of the spectrum repurposed for mobile broadband services. We commend the Commission’s efforts toward a successful auction by mid-2015 and look forward to working with the Commission and other stakeholders on these proceedings.”

Thinking Mobile: 2010 v 2013: Wireless is Different [INFOGRAPHIC]

This morning, CTIA released its latest infographic that takes a look at what the mobile ecosystem looked like in 2010 and compared it to 2013. It was only three years, but thanks to the FCC's decision for a light regulatory touch throughout the mobile ecosystem, Americans enjoy the world's best wireless industry.


Mobile: It All Comes Back to Spectrum

As CTIA stated in its comments and reply comments in the FCC's Open Internet proceeding, carriers are focused on how wireless networks are managed in order to deliver a robust service to ...

SMW 14: Mobile Data Growth Fuels Spectrum Demand

With mobile data usage doubling in 2013 and showing no sign of slowing down, CTIA President and CEO Meredith Attwell Baker says consumers’ demands are fueling the need for spectrum in her SMW keynote remarks.

CTIA’s MAB: U.S. Wireless Industry Leads the World

From smartphone adoption to LTE services, CTIA President and CEO Meredith Attwell Baker says the U.S. wireless industry leads the world in mobile services and investment during her keynote remarks at SMW 14.

Incentive Auction Task Force Chair: We Need More Spectrum

At CTIA Super Mobility Week, Gary Epstein, Chair of the Incentive Auction Task Force, discusses the need for the FCC and Congress to find more creative ways to find more spectrum for the wireless industry.

Visit the SMW highlights website for more videos, pictures ...

2014 CTIA Startup Lab Winners

The CTIA Startup Lab announced the winners of its inaugural class at Super Mobility Week. Designed to help seed and growth stage startups secure accelerated connections and investments in the mobile industry, the 2014 CTIA MobileTalks Startup Showcase (first, second and third place) are:

Overall Winners

Karisma Kidz ...
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